Help Save the Banggai Cardinal

The Banggai Cardinal is truly one of the Aquaculture Success Stories in the Hobby.

Today, almost all Banggai Cardinals imported into the United States are Aquacultured. Responsible marine life suppliers like offer only Aquacultured specimens to their customers. They are hardier, healthier, and sustainable.

Despite this, NOAA is set to ban the import of all Banggai Cardinals into the United States unless YOU take action. This includes all Wild Caught AND Aquacultured specimens imported into the United States.

This will effectively end the sale of ALL Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals imported into the United States. Furthermore, this will eliminate jobs and the entire fishery for all overseas aquaculture suppliers, who have worked hard to build an alternative to collecting wild-caught Banggai Cardinals. does not oppose the ban on Wild-Caught Banggai Cardinals. But to ban Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals appears to be a solution to a problem that no longer exists.

Please join us in opposing the ban on importing Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals into the United States.

Please follow this link and state your views here:

If you would like to learn more about this issue, please watch this Video Hosted by CORAL Magazine featuring Alex Rose, Marc Levenson, and Bob Likins here:

Please help us ensure Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals remain available in the United States.

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