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Buying Saltwater Fish Online

New to Buying fish online.

Not sure if buying fish online is a good idea? It's easier than you think and the benefits are amazing. When you purchase from you have access to the largest inventory, the best deal...

Even though has been selling & shipping saltwater fish, corals & invertebrates since 1999, we still talk to people who are surprised that they can buy marine life online.  Remember that regardless of where you buy your marine life, they always have to be shipped from the ocean or aquaculture facility.  We believe that buying online from a reputable supplier is the way to go.  Why?  It effectively makes YOU the wholesaler in the transaction.  Here’s why that is good for you and your fish. offers marine life that has arrived directly from suppliers overseas.  We use the best suppliers and they understand our need for quality. Direct shipments provide the quickest chain of custody from ocean to dedicated facility.

Once in the facility, the marine life is acclimated and quarantined until the husbandry manager determines the animals are healthy and ready to be sold.  It is at this point they go up on the site for sale.

Once on the site, you buy the marine life and choose your delivery options.  They are shipped via FedEx Overnight Service directly to your home.  Voila!  You are the wholesaler…. and you have bypassed several intermediaries along the way.

When you look at the typical chain of custody, you start to see why buying online from has distinct advantages. At other places, the fishermen will sell to an exporter, who will sell to an importer, who will sell to a distributor, who will sell to a retailer, who will then sell to you.  Of course, each of these middlemen marks up the price of the fish so each entity can get their profits.  But, more importantly, each of those stops along the way requires a separate acclimation of the marine life.  And as we know, acclimation is the time when marine life is at the greatest risk of disease and mortality.  When you begin to understand this, you start to see why direct shipment to the consumer is the better way to go.

So, if you ever wonder how we have such great offers on marine life, read the above paragraph again.  We just believe we offer a better way to get quality livestock to you at a better price. So if you are ready to experience the best, give the advantage a try.

BONUS! FREE Service “Hold at FedEx”

Before I wrap this up I must inform you of this great free service that can be very beneficial to you and your marine life:  HOLD at FedEx.
During the checkout process at you can select to have your package held at an approved FedEx Hold location near your home or office.  During checkout, you can choose your “Hold at FedEx” location on a map and FedEx will have your package ready for you to pick us as early as 9 am. Save time and have your package waiting in a temperature controlled environment until YOU are ready.