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Threadfin Butterfly
Chaetodon auriga
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Tank Stats
Size: 1.5-2 inches
Care Level: Easy - Moderate
Temperament: Moderate
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Feed 2x per day,chopped clam, angel formula,tubifex worms,spirulina, shrimp
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: No
Invertebrate Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 85 gallon

The Threadfin Butterflyfish has a perfect amalgamation of elegant appearance and bold personality, and is accented with a black eye spot high up on the back half of the dorsal fin. It is not really considered reef safe, since it is mostly found foraging among the coral rubble and might disturb the coral?s tips. The Threadfin Butterfly is an omnivore and mainly feeds on filamentous algae, as well as tears pieces off its invertebrate prey, especially soft corals, worms, anemones, and hard corals. It requires a thick sand bed, rockworks so that the Threadfin Butterflyfish can freely inhabits the reef crevices, and on sand. The Threadfin Butterflyfish often associates with foraging goatfishes, who tends to disturb the substrate, on which the worms get exposed and attacked by the Threadfin Butterflyfish with relish. The Threadfin Butterflyfish is quite hardy and resistant to diseases, and readily adapts well into aquarium life that makes it a great choice for any beginner. Although, the Threadfin Butterflyfish lives peacefully with other inhabitants just by ignoring them, but it is very aggressive and cannot stay along with other butterflyfish. If you wish to keep a group then we advise you to give them a plenty of space with a cleverly decorated aquarium, and introduce all of them at a time. The Threadfin Butterflyfish doesn?t breed in captivity and are well known as pelagic spawner.

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