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Sustainability Mandate

Your tank is a window into another world. Looking into your reef tank transports you to the edge of a tropical ocean. Your tank is amazing...and the ocean that it reflects is amazing too. If you've ever been to a reef, you come away changed by the beauty. And we know that many of you carry that change with you as you put care and effort into your tank.

We think that the aquarium hobby is the finest in the world. Unlike any other hobby, we are conservationists.  By creating a reef tank, we pay respect and homage to the reefs of the world, and as reef lovers, it is our responsibility to maintain, preserve and honor the reefs from where we draw our inspiration.

Sustaining the reefs, then, is our mandate. And at, we take this mandate very seriously. The natural reefs are a a crucial part of our world-wide ecosystem. That is why carries one of the largest selections of sustainably collected and aquacultured fish, corals, and invertebrates. is a certified Aquaculture facility in the state of Florida.  We encourage new ventures, and use some of the largest aquaculture facilities, who believe in the captive breeding and propagation of marine life.    We work directly with suppliers and fishermen who reflect the sustainability mandate. We do business with exporters and source fishing villages who use responsible and sustainable collecting methods. And moreover, we try to positively impact those fishing communities through the Deep Blue Seas Foundation.

Not only must we respect and preserve the natural ecosystem around the reefs, we must also preserve the human ecosystem in our industry. 

It is not enough to sustain the reefs and to offer the finest marine life at great prices. We are committed to helping sustain and improve the lives of the fishing villages and villagers who collect the fish with which we are all so fascinated.

As always, thanks for shopping at and thank you for helping us become a leader in the sustainability of the coral reefs and the people who collect our fish.