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Invertebrates, also known as inverts, are the backbone of any marine tank. Marine invertebrates make your tank clean and healthy. Get the best salt water inverts at Invertebrates include popular tank community members like clams, shrimp, and anemones. Invertebrates are the supporting cast in your reef tank. Cleaning the environment, keeping the tank healthy and providing lots of color and life is their job. has an incredible selection of inverts to add to your reef tank today.

Featured Marine & Aquatic Invertebrates For Sale:

Stenorhynchus seticornis 
Sale: $12.99  $7.99
Mithrax Sculptus 
Sale: $8.39  $5.29
Stenorhynchus seticornis 
Sale: $12.99  $9.99
Ophiocoma sp. 
Sale: $12.99  $8.99
Mercenaria mercenaria 
Sale: $7.99  $2.19
Ships With Marine Life 
Sale: $15.99  $10.99
Camposcia retusa 
Sale: $20.99  $14.99
Mithrax Sculptus 
Sale: $8.99  $6.99
Epicystis crucifer 
Sale: $31.99  $26.99
Sale: $41.99  $37.99
Tridachia crispata 
Sale: $13.99  $8.99
Heteractis Malu 
Sale: $29.99  $19.99
Tridacna derasa 
Sale: $56.99  $29.99
Tridacna maxima 
Sale: $47.99  $39.99
Alpheus randalli 
Sale: $24.99  $20.99
Heteractis sebae 
Sale: $34.99  $29.99