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Radiata Lionfish - Venomous
Pterois radiata
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Tank Stats
Size: 4.5-5 inches
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Bold
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Live Shrimp, Meaty
Origin: Hawaii
Acclimation Time: 4+ hours
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:

The fish Pterois Radiata can be referred with different names like Radiata Lionfish, Radial Firefish, Scorpion Radiata, Clearfin Lionfish, Clearfin Turkeyfish, Tailbar Lionfish, White-lined Lionfish, Whitefin Lionfish, and Dragonfish. It features red, white and black vertical stripes over the body with large fan structure like pectoral fins and quill-like dorsal fans. It is not reef safe as it is fond of eating shrimps and crabs. It should be kept with same size or large size fish as small size fish can end up as food. The Lionfish is distinguished from Radiata Lionfish as it has blank spines. It is the sole member of the Pterois genus who doesn?t have any markings in the vertical fin rays. This can be easily recognized with white strapis decorated tail. You might get confused with Antennata Lionfish but it has no horizontal lines on its back.It is advised to keep the radiata lionfish in a tank of approx 70 gallons of size. They are of semi-aggressive temperament. They should be kept in water with really high and well oxygenation. The water should be lukewarm - 75ø - 82ø F is considered as ideal temperature. The pH-value should range between 8.1-8.4 and gravity should range from 1.020 to 1.025. When it comes to the maintenance of the aquarium, you need to be careful as the radiata lionfish has spines which can transfer a poisonous sting. It can make you feel like you are stung by a powerful wasp. If you are allergic, you may get affected with a serious reaction. Be ready with medical attention to handle this situation. If you ever get affected, keep that area in hot water. It should be as hot as you can stand without getting burns.

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