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Chocolate Chip Starfish
Protoreastor nodosus
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Price Elsewhere: $18.99
Saltwaterfish: $20.99
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-3 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Bold
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Flake, Pellet, Meaty
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ Hours
Coral Safe: No
Invertebrate Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallon

The Chocolate Chip Starfish can also be known as Horned Starfish due to its horn like projections on the body. It is a member of Oreasteridae, and exhibits a stout body with short and thick arms along with chocolaty colored knobs which looks like Chocolate chips on the aboral region, the surface without the mouth. These knobs are meant to deter predators, by making the Chocolate Chip Starfish very difficult to swallow whole. The Chocolate Chip Starfish has a common opening through which the food enters and also the waste exits. It eats by excreting their orange-colored stomach out of the mouth and onto their prey. As the prey is digested, the stomach slowly pulls it back into the mouth. The Chocolate Chip Starfish comes in a variety of shades ranging from light brown or cream to a brilliant deep orange. The Chocolate Chip Starfish is mainly found all over the sea grass beds and sandy areas, and chiefly lives in shallow water areas. It is indigenous to the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Red Sea. The Chocolate Chip Starfish feeds on remains of dead plants and animals, sponges, waste products by using their sense of smell as they don?t have eyes. It requires high water quality and low nitrate levels in order to thrive well in the tank. Since it is very slow moving animal, we suggest you not to house them with triggerfish and puffer fish which might attack your starfish. Also, the Chocolate Chip Starfish is not considered reef safe, as it attacks soft corals, tubeworms, clams and therefore is appropriate for a very large aquarium. There is no distinctive feature between male and female, hence the breeding is very difficult in captivity. The Chocolate Chip Starfish should never be exposed to air and rapid changes in water parameters, since it cannot tolerate both.

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