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Chili Coral - Large
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Tank Stats
Size : 3-6 inches
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Marine snow, plankton, filter feeder- moderate flow
Origin : Indonesia
Acclimation Time : Temperature
Coral Safe : Yes
Invertebrate Safe : Yes
Minimum Tank Size : n/a

The Chili Coral is a very popular soft coral. It is exotic and brilliant in appearance which makes it a terrific addition to any reef tank. Its fiery red coloration reminiscent of sun dried chili peppers, and that?s why named as the Chili Coral. This visually stunning coral boasts a beautiful architecture as well as color. The Chili Coral is non-photosynthetic which makes it very easy to care and maintain. It needs moderate lighting and water flow, as it doesn?t undergo photosynthesis. The Chili Coral requires an ample space for its growth and no interference of neighbor corals. Over hanging live rocks and ledges create a perfect environment for the Chili Coral proper growth. It cannot tolerate too much light. Instead it needs indirect water flow for its survival. The Chili Coral are not comfortable to strong direct current which impede in opening of polyps. As they are not photosynthetic, through water flow only they receive their food. Also, the Chili Coral need to be fed through filter feeding and other diets as micro-planktons, rotifiers, baby brine shrimp and other shrimps. Supplements of strontium, iodine, and trace elements are beneficial in continued good health. The Chili Coral is indisputably stunning and makes the animal a centerpiece in any aquarium.

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