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Arrow Crab - Limit 1
Stenorhynchus seticornis
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Tank Stats
Size : 2-5 inches
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Bold
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Worms, Flake, Meaty foods
Origin : Caribbean
Acclimation Time : 1+ Hours
Coral Safe :
Invertebrate Safe :
Minimum Tank Size :

The Arrow Crab is named because of its head and body which looks like a crab. It has notable long legs. The males are larger than the females. The Arrow Crab?s quick speed crawling with the help of these long legs, and may also attack small slower moving fish in the aquarium. It is known to feed on bristle worms as well as feather dusters. The Arrow Crab are considered reef safe if are properly fed with foods like meaty, flake and tablet foods. Breeding this species is quite difficult in captivity. The Arrow Crab can grow up to six inches and therefore we recommend you to keep it in a larger aquarium. It inhabits small caves or crevices, so lots of rockwork is required to be added in your beautiful tank. The Arrow Crab is hardy, long lived invertebrate that can be housed in the reef tank and also makes a valuable addition to the same. It is known to attack crustaceans such as Banded Coral Shrimp, and slow moving fish, therefore this crab should be combined with selected species only. The Arrow Crab should be kept singly and should not be kept with similar species, since it may turn aggressive towards other inhabitants.

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