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Zoos - Branching
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Tank Stats
Size: 15+ polyps
Care Level: Easy
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Medium Light - Medium Flow
Origin: Indonesia
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: None

The Zoos branching are colonial type corals, which mean each coral is a colony of separate polyps living together. They are extremely hardy and excellent beginner corals. The Zoanthid don?t need any specific water requirements and can survive in most any reef tank. Also, it will tolerate very low light levels. With low to moderate water motion, the Zoanthid survives within a range of 72 to 84 degree Fahrenheit. Since they are photosynthetic in nature, they make their own foods using the available light in the aquarium. The Zoanthid can be easily propagated by cutting a piece of individual polyp from the main colonies, then these pieces can be placed on a gravel bed with low water flow and then that will be attached to pieces of gravel. For its stunning visual, it is recommended to keep these under true actinic lighting. The Zoanthid have mouth that opens up into one big cavity which acts as a digestive system, where the food is broken down into nutrients and then sent back through the mouth or secreted into the surrounding water. Most Zoanthid has tentacles which can show stinging behavior which can be used as a defensive system. They don?t have excretory system and therefore expels out the waste food into the water. The Zoanthids share the foods and nutrients taken in by each individual. These corals have living organisms inside them called as Zooxanthellae, for which lighting is required. It is also suggested not to keep other corals nearby to each other.

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