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Sea Apple
Pseudocolochirus violaceus
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Tank Stats
Size: 3-6 inches
Care Level:
Reef Safe:
Acclimation Time:
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:

With the bright color and unique shape, the Sea Apple makes a gorgeous cucumber in your tank. It?s an eye-catchy product that captivates any onlooker. The Sea Apple is very difficult to keep, hence only an experienced or expert aquarist should get it. It even releases a potent toxin when stressed or injured, therefore should also be handled with caution as it might inflict painful wounds to the human body as well. Due to blue to violet colored oral region, it is also commonly referred to as the Violet Sea Apple, Violet Sea Cucumber or Violet Sea Urchin. The Sea Apple should be introduced in a well-established tank with plenty of space to move around, large amounts of live rocks as substrate, and copepods from which it receives a large portion of its food. Being a filter- feeder, it requires moderate to strong current in the aquarium. Do not house these cucumbers in an aquarium that contains any fish that may pick on its tentacles. Also should not be housed with Butterflyfish, Large Angels, and any species that is listed not safe with invertebrates. The Sea Apple is highly sensitive to changes in water parameters such as alkalinity changes, copper-based medications and extreme nitrate levels. The Sea Apple extends out its tentacles into the water current to filter out its food and the food is trapped within the tentacles it is then drawn back into the mouth. It is necessary to provide liquid foods, brine shrimp or grated mussel at least thrice a week for its continued good health. The Sea Apple can be harmed if are trapped or pulled into the filter intakes or overflows, so you have to be vigilant to the filtering processes in the tank. If you notice an oily residue on the surface of the acclimation container, find cucumber floating on top of the water, any cloudiness in the bag, or note that the acclimation water is very discolored do not add cucumber or acclimation water to the aquarium. The Sea Apple grows up to 7 inches and thrives well in a temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit n pH of 8.10-8.40.

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