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Sand Sifting Crab - Group of 5
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Tank Stats
Size : 1 inch
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Plankton
Origin : Western Atlantic
Acclimation Time : 1+ Hours
Minimum Tank Size : 20 Gallons

This Bundle Consists of the Following Items:

The Sand Sifting Crab is a reef-safe filter feeder that helps keeping your aquarium clean and aerated. It doesn?t not exhibit any kind of claws, instead has multiple digging appendages on their underside which helps them to burrow into the sand. With the presence of feather-like antenna, the Sand Sifting Crab adapts to filter out micro organisms from the water. It can be kept in groups and loves to sift through the sand, thus helps aerating the environment. The Sand Sifting Crab is also known as small digging machine and is commonly called as sand fleas. It is very small in size, and indigenous to cooler temperature area hence needs cooler water in the home aquarium. It is a small round-bodied gray crab who leave their head out of the sand, using two small ??scoops?? to catch food. It is peaceful and can be kept in groups along with other inhabitants. The Sand Sifting Crab is characterized by two pair of antennae, three body parts, and five pairs of legs. It undergoes molting process which allows them to remove their restricting shell and begin a new one. Often, the Sand Sifting Crab is used as a food source for larger marine fish.

These guys were about an inch long and looked like fat isopods! They burrow into the sand with only their head sticking out and their "bunny ear" filter antennae flicking in and out. Really cute, wish I had bought more!
Reviewed by:  Emily Huang from Reno on Feb. 13, 2014, 6 p.m.
These guys are cool. All 1 inch plus. Don't really see em during the day, but I caught one scurrying about last night when the lights were out.
Reviewed by:  Chris Creasey from on July 22, 2014, midnight
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