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Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella
Discosoma neglecta
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Tank Stats
Size: 1 Polyp
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Mildly aggressive if place near other corals
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Medium/Strong Light, Medium Flow
Origin: Caribbean
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size:

The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella looks awesome in any reef tank. It is a solitary organism that does well in a variety of conditions. Since it is very hardy in nature, it is resistant to diseases, and that makes a very good choice for any novice aquarists. The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella comes in a wide variety of colors and variations to suit your taste. The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella is very easy to maintain and can grow and propagate very easily in captivity. Often, you will find them closed when you introduce it into the tank. Once the Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella gets acclimated to the environment, it will open up within a weeks? time. The brightness and vibrancy of the colors is absolutely stunning and outstanding. The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella must be seen under actinic lighting where it looks amazingly beautiful. It is photosynthetic and may ingest tiny bits of meaty foods. The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella has living organisms inside them called as Zooxanthellae that shows symbiotic relationship with the corals and helps in manufacturing foods and nutrition. The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella can often change the water flow to direct particulate and flocculent material toward their mucous center for absorption, by warping the surface of its oral disc. It is moderate to easy to care and doesn?t like to be kept under strong light, because it shrinks. The Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella can not handle high water flow since it prevents it from getting nourishment, instead, should be kept in shaded areas in tanks with high output lamps like metal halides or LED. It can be fed with shrimp, fish, pellets, and even flake. If the Mushroom Polyp - Umbrella is kept nearby to other corals, it becomes slightly semi-aggressive.

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