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Mushroom Coral - Orange Bullseye
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Tank Stats
Size: 5+ polyps
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Mildly aggressive if place near other corals
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Light - Medium Flow, marine snow
Origin: Indo- Pacific
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size:

The Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral looks awesome in any reef tank. Its brightness and vibrancy of colors is absolutely stunning and outstanding, and must be seen under actinic lighting that enhances its beauty. The Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral is very easy to care for and maintain, and since it grows and propagates quite easily in an aquarium, this coral makes a very good choice for novice aquarists. It is available either in multiples or singly that are attached to small pieces of rocks. The Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral is semi aggressive in nature as compared to other marine aquarium invertebrates. It is recommended to keep the Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral away from other corals just to avoid the aggressive behavior in the aquarium. It needs low water flow and low illumination for its growth and development. The Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral can be placed anywhere in your marine aquarium. Often, you will find them closed when you introduce it into the tank. Once the Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral gets acclimated to the environment, it will open up. If there is bright light in the aquarium, the Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral corals has to be kept at the bottom of the reef tank. The photosynthesis provides the major nutrition to the Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral and, additional feeding is not that necessary. But it has to be taken care that the currents should be able to supply it with necessary nutrients and trace elements for its continued growth. The Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral undergoes photosynthesis with the help of the entrapped symbiotic algae, zooxanthellae. This alga manufactures food and provides nutrition to the coral using the light energy. The Orange Bullseye Mushroom Coral propagates easily in captivity, simply by splitting. It thrives well in a temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH of 8.1-8.4.

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