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Magnificent Foxface
Siganus magnifica
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Tank Stats
Size: 4 inches
Care Level: easy
Temperament: peaceful
Reef Safe: Monitor
Diet: pellets, greens, flake
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+HOURS
Coral Safe: NO
Invertebrate Safe: YES
Minimum Tank Size: 70 G

The Magnificent Foxface is a beautiful, hardy species that can tolerate a varying range of water parameters. Since the Magnificent Foxface is easy to handle and care, it makes a good saltwater beginner fish. It features venomous dorsal spines, so be cautious while using a net to catch them. The Magnificent Foxface can easily get tangled in the net and if that happens gently move the net back and forth in the tank itself until it is relaxing its fins. Make sure not to add multiple Magnificent Foxface fishes in the home aquarium, instead a pair can be added. We recommend you to keep live rocks to encourage the growth of algae on it so that the Magnificent Foxface can graze over it in between their meals. It requires plenty of hiding places and grazing opportunities that simulates the wild habitat. You should provide your Magnificent Foxface fish with a varied diet of live, frozen, freeze-dried and vitamin-enriched flake foods. It is considered to be safe in a reef tank only if it is properly fed, because if hungry it may found nipping at corals and invertebrates. It is wise to be careful and use a quarantine tank before introducing the Magnificent Foxface into your main tank. Once you observe no sign of illness, you can safely add it to your tank with other healthy mates. The Magnificent Foxface grows up to 9 inches, can easily adapt to new aquarium, and thrives well in temperature range of 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

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