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AlgaGen PhycoPure CopePod Blend Phytoplankton 8oz
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Tank Stats
Size: 8oz
Care Level:
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Detritus
Origin: Aquacultured
Acclimation Time: Pour directly in
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:

PhycoPure? CopePod Blend Phytoplankton PhycoPure Copepod Blend PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is a unique blend of live PhytoPlankton. Designed specifically to grow a number of marine copepods species PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is tested free of pathogens. PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is nutritionally balanced to enhance animals health. PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM has no preservatives. PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM contains 2 strains of algae including one diatom PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is a great enrichment to gut load rotifers and Artemia. Contains: Chaetoceros, T- Isochrysus Available in 8oz and 16oz sizes PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is a blend of LIVE microalgae specifically assembled for use as a primary feed for calanoid and harpacticoid COPEPODS. True pelagic(calanoids) and numerous benthic species (harpacticoids) will only eat live microalgae. Live microalgae is essential to produce and maintain copepod populations. You can raise your own phytoplankton cultures and we support this wholeheartedly but in the absence of doing this, using AlgaGen?s PhycoPureTM Copepod BlendTM is the perfect approach. Simply add 1-2 caps per gallon per day or as the water gets cleared out. Aquarists have reported great results when fed to clams, species specific corals (gorgonians, brain corals, mushroom corals, leathers, montipora, carnations), feather dusters, tube worms, sponges and certain anemones. It can also be used to gut load rotifers and Artemia. PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is cultured in purified natural Atlantic Ocean water and should be refrigerated. PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM has no preservatives, is not subjected to harsh processing steps and is batch processed to ensure quality.

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