Two Little Fishies MetaSorb UHC - 500 to 800 gal

Two Little Fishies MetaSorb UHC - 500 to 800 gal

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Heavy Toxic Metals and particles can come from many sources, such as artificial sea mixes, corroding metal equipment, magnets, pumps, foods, and even the water source itself. Signs of metal poisoning may be sudden and mysterious illnesses in Corals, Fish and Inverts.

Eliminate these excess toxic heavy metals in your aquarium water with the Two Little Fishies MetaSorb UHC - 500 to 800 gal.
This system is made with polymers patented and developed to quickly bind and remove harmful metals from fresh and salt water.

MetaSorb UHC is a polymer powder contained in a small cloth media bag.
This cloth media bag should come into direct contact where high water flow volumes areas are. They are best placed in any canister filter, hang-on-the-back power filter, sump, filter chamber or any high flow-through sections. Leave the media bag in place for a few days.

If treating freshly mixed artificial seawater or pre-treated new water this filter media bag can be hang-dried and used several times more when needed. Two Little Fishies MetaSorb UHC 250-800 gal removes up to 120 ppm of metals from 500 gallons.

Product Dimensions: 4" x 3" x 3" ; 1lb

I love this stuff! I've used it for several years to treat new water. I like the fact that it removes iron, copper, and other metals like lead. I want my aquarium water to be a safe environment for my "babies"!

Reviewed by: Ian on Oct. 18, 2018

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