Dolabella Sea Hare

Dolabella Sea Hare

Dolabella auricularia

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Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Herbivore
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallon
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Reef Safe: Yes
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Lighting: ~
Placement: ~
Waterflow: ~
The Dolabella Sea Hare, Dolabella auricularia, also known as the Wedge Sea Hare, is one of the best algae-eaters in the home aquarium. The Dolabella Sea Hare can clean an entire 125 gallon reef tank of all hair algae in about two weeks - they are quite the efficient janitors. They are rather sensitive to pH and salinity changes and can take a little while to fully acclimate to a new tank (they should be drip acclimated). Featuring a dulled grey color and soft spiky appendages, the Dolabella Sea Hare makes for an interesting invert. 
They are slow moving and well camouflaged within the rocks of a reef tank. The Dolabella Sea Hare is reef safe and is a relatively risk-free addition to any tank as it is an incredibly beneficial algae-eater. 

Love my sea hare been keeping my tank sparkling clean work so good on my main tank that I bought another for my other tank

Reviewed by: Austin Combs on Sept. 18, 2018

Master of camouflage. Cannot find him during the day. He's very active once the light goes out. Considered getting another but am concerned there may not be enough hair algae to sustain him.

Reviewed by: Esther Murphy on April 9, 2018

Really cool sea creature. You will not see him during the day; he camouflages extremely well. At night he is actively looking for food. Hair algae is what he eats I was told. Considering getting another except I was told there may not be enough of this type of algae in my tank to sustain him.

Reviewed by: Esther Murphy on April 8, 2018

Great addition for hair algae control. just make sure you have enough, otherwise after a couple of weeks they can starve to death. i keep a pack of nori in the fridge in case he cleans house. fun to watch, so ugly he's cute. not for everyone, but in my seahorse tank, algae control is an issue, and he helps limit the growth.

Reviewed by: Gary on June 12, 2017

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