RR Artificial Nano Reef Rock < 55 lb box

RR Artificial Nano Reef Rock < 55 lb box

50-55 lb box

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RR Artificial Reef Rock Nano Box:

Our Artificial Reef Rock makes an excellent substitute to Live Rock for your aquarium. With Artificial Reef Rock you can enhance the aquascape of your aquarium at a fraction of the cost compared to Live Rock. You can now spend more time getting that perfect aquascape without worrying about keeping your Live Rock in water.

Our shelf dry rock is the best top quality Dry Rock available for appearance and functionality. You can do it like a puzzle and you will find that this is the easiest rock to stack that you have ever used. Because this rock is so very stack-able, the packages you get just keep fitting together. You may cut and drill the rock. This rock while not considered Live Rock, it is also not considered Base Rock. This is Decorative Rock of the highest quality.

The Bottom Line Pros of Dry Rock:

1. Appearance: There is beautiful shelf stacking style rock available to you
2. Cost: Cheaper than Live Rock
3. Limited impact to your aquarium: No ammonia or die off.
4. No introduction of pests like; bubble algae, aiptasia, mantis shrimp, flat worms and other pests.
5. Easy to ship: No special packaging necessary

What to do upon rock arrival?

Upon arrival the Artificial Reef Rock will be very dusty, this is produced during the time in which the rock is cut & collected. Simply wash down with a hose using a spray nozzle for best results. Cleaning is done one rock at a time and it will bring out the beautiful texture and character of the rock. This washing process makes it look just like a natural reef. WHY? It used to be a reef.

Package will contain an assortment of sizes; the majority of which are small, for easy maneuvering in a nano aquarium.

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