Reef Nutrition Tigger Pods LIVE 6oz

Reef Nutrition Tigger Pods LIVE 6oz


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Tigger-Pods are perfect for culturing and restocking reeftanks and refugiums, as well as an excellent feed for fish, including mandarins and pipefish. They breed rapidly producing hundreds of eggs per female.

Tigger-Pods is a live product available in 6 ounce bottles.

Tigriopus californicus
250-1700 microns

MYTH: Tigger-Pods are a cold water copepod species and will quickly die in a reef system

On the contrary, Tigger-Pods (Tigriopus californicus) LOVE warm water and will thrive in your reef tank.   They are native to the west coast of North America.  They range from the cold waters of Washington state to the very warm waters of Mexico.

They can live semi-dormant for many weeks when stored in a refrigerator.  Warmer water speeds up their metabolism and reproductive rate. Tigger-Pods will reproduce very well in your sump or refugium, especially if they are fed with products that contain large amounts of brown algae.  They can also feed a bit on green algae, but it is much harder for them to digest.   Phyto-Feast is primarily brown algae and is an excellent feed for all types of copepods.  It will typically take 20-35 days to see a significant population spike because of their slow life cycle (laying eggs, hatching, growing to a noticeable size).

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