Kent Marine Purple Tech - 17.4 fl oz

Kent Marine Purple Tech - 17.4 fl oz

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Kent Marine Purple Tech is designed to provide ionically-balanced nutrients required by coralline algae and stony corals. Kent Marine was established by aquatic hobbyists who saw a need for products that aid the user in creating the most natural enclosed marine and freshwater environment possible. From vitamin and mineral supplements to nutritional products and filter media, Kent Marine set the benchmark and was one of the first in the aquatic industry to provide these unique solutions. For the past 15-year, Kent Marine has been committed to providing effective ways to keep beautiful, healthy aquariums. Through continuous research, testing and development, new products like salt mix, scrapers and reverse osmosis filtration were brought into the Kent Marine family.
  • Contains a natural plant growth regulator for purple coralline and green calcareous macro-algae
  • Provides specific concentrations of calcium, magnesium, strontium, trace minerals and carbonates
  • Formulated with precise ratios of natural seawater components
  • Not for human consumption

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