Hikari Marine-A Pellets - 3.87 oz

Hikari Marine-A Pellets - 3.87 oz

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Hikari Marine-A is formulated to enhance the brilliant colors you bought your marine fish for, helps them look their best through proper nutrition. A oxygen barrier bag helps lock-in this nutrition and provide you with the finest, non-frozen marine food available today. Key benefits nutritional excellence high nutrient, vitamin and mineral levels. High in stabilized vitamin c to reduce stress and build immunity to disease. One of our highest protein levels, consistent with the foods your fish would eat on the reef promotes unequalled form, health and brilliant colors. Bio-technology allows us to provide your fish with a nutritional package that will have them looking like they just came off the reef. Unique stick porous pellet immediately becomes soft & sponge- like. It's a texture your marine fish are accustomed to. Will not dissolve or cloud the water. Easily digested. Helps to reduce waste.

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