Golden Damsel

Golden Damsel

Amblyglyphidodon aureus

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: Fiji
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
Reef Safe: Yes
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
The Golden Damselfish, Amblyglyphidodon aureus, also known as the Yellow Damselfish, Golden Damsel, Lemon Damsel, or Lemonpeel Damselfish, are, as their name might suggest, a predominantly yellow damsel. They originate from the Pacific Ocean. As they grow more mature, the Golden Damsel becomes more brazen and aggressive and will need to be housed with like-minded tank mates who can hold their own (no other Golden Damsels). The Golden Damsel is quite a hardy fish with a voracious appetite. They are not picky eaters and will eat most prepared aquarium foods. The Golden Damsel is an extremely popular aquarium fish in the trade for good reason. They are easy to care for, beautiful, and hardy. Though they may get semi-aggressive, this is not a problem if housed with the right tank mates. Overall, the Golden Damsel is a good fish for most aquariums if well fed and housed with the right neighbors. 

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