Eheim Air Pump - 400

Eheim Air Pump - 400

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The Eheim Air Pump 400 provides powerful aeration to thoroughly oxygenate your aquarium water, aiding in the health of your fish and other aquatic inhabitants. It has been designed to offer ultra quiet performance in freshwater and marine applications, and is ideal for aquariums that are 120 gallons or less.
This model features two adjustable air outlets, each one with an output of 26 gallons per hour (106 gph combined), as well as two diffusers. The diffusers have been mounted on suction cups for easy installation , allowing placement anywhere along your aquarium walls. With a maximum depth rating of 6 feet 7 inches, this easy-to-use air pump is capable of powering a variety of aeration accessories including air stones, bubble walls, air powered ornaments, or protein skimmers.

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