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Dragon (Red Bug Eater) Pipefish

Dragon (Red Bug Eater) Pipefish

Corythoichthys intestinalis

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The Dragon Pipefish, Corythoichthys intestinalis is a small marine fish from Indo-Pacific. Other common names for the Dragon Pipefish includes, Dragonface Pipefish, Reeftop Pipefish, Banded Messmate Pipefish, Network Pipefish & Messmate. The Dragon Pipefish is often sought  because they eat "Red Bugs" which can sometimes infest aquariums that have acropora corals where the Red Bugs are a nuisance.

The Pipefish will require a mature aquarium with plenty of copepods for feeding. Live brine shrimp can also be used to offer some variety. As the Pipefish establishes itself it will start to accept frozen food made up of copepods, brine shrimp and mysis.

The Dragon Pipefish Corythoichthys intestinalis is a slow moving peaceful fish and will usually keep close to the sand or rock work as it moves around. Because of it's peaceful nature the Dragon Pipefish are good tank mates in a Seahorse aquarium setup.

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