API Pimafix - 16 fl oz

API Pimafix - 16 fl oz

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  • 16 Ounces
  • Fish Remedies And Health Aids
  • Natural Botanical Remedy Made From Pimenta Racemosa, A West Indian Bay Oil.
  • Rapidly Treats Fungal Infections On Body And Fins As Well As Treats Internal And External Bacterial Infections.
  • Does Not Discolor Water Or Stain Decorations.
  • Works In Both Fresh And Salt Water.
  • Specially Formulated To Work With Melafix.

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  • Rapidly treats fungal infections on body and fins as well as treats internal and external bacterial infections.
  • Does not discolor water or stain decorations.
  • Works in both fresh and salt water.
  • Specially formulated to work with melafix.

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