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Oceans' Garden Aquaculture
Deep Blue Seas LLC, the parent company of has added a new brand to the family... Oceans' Garden Aquaculture. At OGA you can find the complete lineup of products from powerhouse aquaculturists like ORA, Proaquatix, Eye Catching Corals, ACI Aquaculture, and our own offerings at down to earth prices.  We also offer select reef packages from local suppliers that promise to be the freshest and most cost-effective reef packages in the industry.

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Banggai Cardinalfish Care Facts (Pterapogon kauderni)

This elegant and resilient species is a highlight in saltwater aquariums, appealing to both newcomers and seasoned hobbyists. Learn about their care, feeding habits, breeding, and how to contribute to the preservation of this species.

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Chocolate Chip Starfish (Protoreaster nodosus): The Full Review For Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiasts

Ever seen a starfish that looks like it's been sprinkled with chocolate chips? The Chocolate Chip Starfish is a captivating marine creature that stands out in any saltwater aquarium. With its distinctive appearance and intriguing behavior, it's a must-know for aquarium enthusiasts. From its varied color palette to its natural habitat in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific region, there's so much to discover about this echinoderm. Ready to add a touch of marine wonder to your collection?

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Current Insights! Green Mandarin Goby (Synchiropus splendidus) Review

Step into the world of the Green Mandarin Goby (Synchiropus splendidus), a standout in saltwater aquariums due to its vibrant colors and distinct appearance. This saltwater fish has garnered attention for its unique patterns and behavior. With the latest insights in aquarium care, it's becoming a top choice for enthusiasts. Discover its care guidelines, dietary needs, and the sustainability of captive-bred options. Dive into the details and see why the Green Mandarin Goby is making waves in the aquarium community.

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