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Zoos - Green Center Button Polyps - Limit 1
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Price Elsewhere: $59.99
Saltwaterfish: $49.99
Sale Price: $25.00
Savings: $34.99
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Orders Over $199.99
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Tank Stats
Size: 20+ polyps
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: May encroach on other corals
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Medium Light - Medium Flow
Origin: Indonesia
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: None

The Green Center Button Polyps are the coolest thing to keep in an aquarium. They make a great choice for any tank as it imparts a beautiful splash of color in your tank under actinic lighting. The Green Center Button Polyps are hardy and make a good choice for any beginner aquarists. They thrive really well in a tank showing optimal water quality and temperature conditions. The Green Center Button Polyps are very easy to propagate and therefore it is not necessary to buy a larger frag, since a polyp or two soon turns in to eight and on and on. They require moderate to high alkalinity, calcium and salinity levels for its proper growth and development. The Green Center Button Polyps grow like a colonial mat like structure which later covers up a whole rock. Often some species of zoanthids are poisonous in nature, such as palythoas, and therefore handling the Green Center Button Polyps require precautions. You should properly wash your hands after you are finished working with them. Most of them host the symbiotic Zooxanthellae in their tissue, which creates food and provides nutrition to it. The Zoanthids will thrive in all types of marine lighting, because of this the Green Center Button Polyps makes a very good addition to any first time reefers tank. Also, most of the Zoanthids shows stinging behavior. Due to the photosynthesis process, the Green Center Button Polyps do not need any additional supplements.

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