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*Two Little Fishies Combo Pack
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Two Little Fishies Combo Pack.

Pack Includes:

  • C-Balance® Two Part Balanced Ionic Supplement of Calcium and Buffer for Marine Aquariums (2 X 16ox bottles)
  • MarineSnow® Plankton Diet 8.4 oz
  • Strontium Concentrate Julian Sprung's Reef Formula 8.4 oz
  • Iodine Concentrate  Julian Sprung's Reef Formula 8.4 oz
  • Iron Concentrate Julian Sprung’s Reef Formula 8.4 oz

PLUS when you purchase this package you will receive a FREE Julian Sprung's SeaVeggies® Green Seaweed (Porphyra yezoensis) 1 oz bag.

Total Value of $65.94

Today at Super Special only $36.95

44% savings!


Two Little Fishies, Inc. was founded in 1991 to promote the reef aquarium hobby with its introductory video and books about reef aquariums. The company nowpublishes and distributes the most popular reef aquarium reference books and identification guides in English, German French and Italian, under the d.b.a. Ricordea Publishing.

Since its small beginning, Two Little Fishies has also grown to become a manufacturer and importer of the highest quality products for aquariums and water gardens,with international distribution in the pet, aquaculture, and water garden industries. Two Little Fishies’ product line includes trace element supplements, calcium supplements and buffers,phosphate-free activated carbon, granular iron-based phosphate adsorption media, underwater bonding compounds, and specialty foods for fish and invertebrates. Two Little Fishies also offersbeautifully engineered plastic fittings used for air and water plumbing in aquariums, water gardens and paludariums.

It is our company mission to manufacture and distribute products of the finest quality that are simple, elegant, practical, and useful. By providing theseintelligent solutions and publishing the latest information about how to build successful and beautiful aquariums, we enhance everyone’s enjoyment of their aquatic hobby. This way we build afollowing of happy successful customers.

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