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Two Little Fishies Combisan
8.4 oz
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Size: 8.4 oz
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Two Little Fishies CombiSan Peter Wilkens Formula 250ml (8.4oz.)CombiSan Full Spectrum Supplement developed by Peter Wilkens. CombiSan is a bio activator that contains essential trace elements in special compounds easily absorbed by marine organisms and fish. No Nitrates or Phosphates.Two Little Fishies CombiSan (New updated Formula) is a bio activator that contains all essential trace elements in special compounds easily absorbed by invertebrates, micro organisms, marine fish. You can depend on CombiSan to replenish deficiencies in the composition of aquarium water resulting from protein skimming, use of activated carbon, biological processes, precipitation, extraction from the water by marine life. CombiSan fosters the development of pink calcareous algae, the rapid growth of reef building stony corals. It promotes tissue repair in fish, brilliant coloration in photosynthetic corals, anemones, Tridacna spp. clams.It is the one marine supplement that does it all. CombiSan is nitrate, phosphate free!Dosage: 2 to 5 mL per week per 25 gallons (100L).

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