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Sun Coral - Yellow
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-3 inches
Care Level:
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Minimum Tank Size:

The Yellow Sun Coral is a gorgeous coral with stunning coloration that makes a great addition to any reef tank. The Yellow Sun Coral needs a targeted feeding and need to be taken care only by advanced aquarists. It is particularly hard to keep, and should only be bought in your aquarium if you are ready to feed it every other day with targeted feeding process. Normally during the day, the Yellow Sun Coral retracts itself since it is a nocturnal animal, but it can be acclimated to feed during the day and might remain open. The Yellow Sun Coral greedily grasps and ingests meaty plankton that comes in contact with its tentacles. The Yellow Sun Coral can be fed using a pipette, syringe or turkey baster, and can be trained like this to be fed with the lights on. It is advisable to soak the food in reef supplements and vitamins that helps in maintaining a high level of nutrition. The Yellow Sun Coral is generally not suitable for most community tanks, where insufficient food or too much light is provided. It is possible to breed the Yellow Sun Coral in captivity and needs high-current areas, where they reproduce in an asexual manner by generating a small yellow polyp in various areas around the tank. Since they are non photosynthetic, it becomes challenging to feed them, hence an advanced aquarist is recommended. The Yellow Sun Coral is peaceful towards other marine aquarium mates and is colonial in nature. It thrives well in a temperature range of 72-78 degree Fahrenheit, and with pH of 8.10-8.40. The Yellow Sun Coral can be placed on some substrate, such as a cave or shielded rocky area at the bottom of the aquarium, and therefore opens up after settling down properly in your reef tank. Over the time, the Yellow Sun Coral will stay open for longer periods during the day especially if it sense food in the water column.

These sun corals are the most AWESOME corals ever!!! I purchased 1yellow and 1 orange and they arrived today. After doing the required acclimation, I placed them in my tank up on a rock to decide where I wanted to permanently place them. Within 30 minutes, they were both opening up and "flowering" like you would think of a sun flower. Just amazing, as everything I've read about these LPS corals, it says they don't typically open up during the day. Thank you for such beautiful pieces!!!
Reviewed by:  Robyn Buenz from Minneapolis on April 23, 2013, 7 p.m.
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