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Sebae Clownfish - Wild
Amphiprion sebae
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The Sebae Clownfish has a brown body that darkens with age and looks lovely in any tank. The Sebae Clownfish can grow up to six inches; therefore, it should be kept in a tank with not less than 20 gallons of water. The Sebae Clownfish should be kept with plenty of live rocks; live rocks act as a territory when the fish feels threatened. The Sebae Clownfish has the ability to establish a hierarchy where the largest specimen becomes the female and second largest becomes the male and the rest of them remain juveniles. It is best to pair the Sebae Clownfish with anemones such as the Sebae Anemone, the Long Tentacle Anemone, the Ritteri (Maroon) Anemone, the Carpet Anemone, the Saddle Anemone, and the Bubble Anemone. The Sebae Clownfish should be fed with brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, marine flake, chopped marine foods, and carnivore or herbivore frozen food. The Sebae Clownfish is aggressive in nature and therefore should not be housed with peaceful or other predatory fish. The Sebae Clownfish can be kept safely in any reef tank with sessile invertebrates and clam mantles.

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