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Rusty Angelfish (A)
Centropyge ferrugatus
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Tank Stats
Size : 2-3 inches
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Generally peaceful
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Flake, Brine, Pellet
Origin : Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time : 2+ hours
Coral Safe : May nip at corals
Invertebrate Safe : Yes
Minimum Tank Size : 45 gallons

The Rusty Angelfish prefers environment with prolific algae growth, rocky reefs and rubble areas. It is named aptly due to presence of rusty shade over its body that makes it a beautiful addition to any reef tank. It is better to keep the Rusty Angelfish in the tank not less than 30 gallons and the tank should be well-versed with plenty of live rocks that encourage the growth of algae; and lot of hiding places is also needed if you wish the Rusty Angelfish to thrive well in the tank. It grows well in a temperature range of 72-78 degree Fahrenheit, and pH of 8.1-8.4. The Rusty Angelfish should not be combined with the same species as it can become aggressive towards the same species. It is also considered reef safe but with caution, because it tends to nip over the corals, soft corals and clam mantles if not properly fed. The Rusty Angelfish is an omnivores species and likes to feed on natural algae, and brine shrimps and other meaty foods as well. Since the Rusty Angelfish is egg scattering species, breeding it in captivity is quite successful. It is semi aggressive, and generally does not bother other tank inhabitants and that makes it a valuable addition to any reef tank.

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