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Royal Dottyback
Pseudochromis paccagnellae
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-2 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Meaty variety, vitamin enriched mysis shrimp and brine, chopped seafoods
Origin: Western Pacific
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Monitor with ornamental shrimp
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

At first, the Royal Dottyback is indistinguishable from the commonly available blue eye royal dottyback. With its vivid color pattern, it adds a splash of color into your aquarium. The Royal Dottyback is a hermaphrodite and can adopt either male or female characteristics. It is a hardy and low maintenance fish. It is semi-aggressive and does not get intimidated by other fishes. The Royal Dottyback defends a small territory against similar looking fishes. This behavior makes the Royal Dottyback an unsuitable fish for a peaceful community tank. However, it does not harm invertebrates, but may pick at sessile organisms like tubeworms. The Royal Dottyback should not be kept in a tank less than 10 gallon. Since it grows to a maximum size of 3 inches, it is better to keep it in large tanks. The Royal Dottyback demands plenty of hiding places such as rocks and caves. It thrives well in a temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit, and pH of 8.1-8.4. The Royal Dottyback is mostly found in and around the rocky regions of coral reefs. It feeds on many small crustaceans and zooplanktons, and other frozen foods such as mysis shrimps, brine shrimp, krill should be given for its continued good health.

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