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Red Sea Prizm Deluxe Protein Skimmer with Pump
Up to 40 Gallons
Price Elsewhere: $144.99
Saltwaterfish: $116.01
Savings: $28.98
On All Marine Life
Orders Over $199.99
And $99.99 In Florida
Tank Stats
Size : Up to 40 Gallons

The development of the Prizm line of protein skimmers represents one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in protein extraction in decades. Utilizing an advanced new method of mixing the water and air and the development of an integrated 2-stage reaction chamber has reset the standard by which all skimmers will be judged.

The Prizm Skimmers consist of 4 basic components: Main Body, Collection Cup, Inlet Pipe and Pump. It is designed to either hang-on the aquarium or to be installed next to or inside a sump as the motor is fully submersible. The Prizm Pro combines an efficient 18-blade TurboJet injector together with Red Sea`s Patented convergent-divergent flow technology Reaction Chamber. Water and air are drawn into the skimmer through the Inlet Pipe by the 18 blade TurboJet impellor, which has been designed to generate the optimum ratio between the water/air flow rates, producing a constant stream of superfine air bubbles in a homogenous air/water mixture.

The unique reaction chamber is divided into 2 compartments consisting of a convergent upward flow first stage, followed by a divergent downward flow second stage. The decreasing cross-sectional area of the convergent first stage, causes great turbulence and extended contact time between the air bubbles and water. The increasing cross-sectional area of the divergent second stage causes the air bubbles to flow both co and counter current before arriving to the water surface. The combined action of the 2 compartments creates a protein loaded, stable foam at the throat of the skimmer, positively pushing dry foam up into the collection cup.

The bubble-trap under the reaction chamber redirects any escaping air bubbles ensuring that bubble free water is returned to the aquarium via the cascade. In addition, the bubble-trap acts as a Mechanical filter by trapping small particulate matter not removed by the foam, thus keeping it out of the aquarium.


The Flow Regulator located on the Inlet Pipe allows the skimmer`s performance to be optimized for all aquarium conditions.

* Suitable for Marine & Reef aquariums up to 40 gallons
* Out performs all other skimmers in its class
* Skim enhancing, 2 stage, convertgent -divergent reaction chamber
* Quiet and effecient 18 blade "TurboJet" air injector
* "Triple-Pass" air flow with extended contact time
* Intergral water and air regulators for optimal skimming
* Slim line, hang on design only 2.4" deep
* Suitable for both new and experienced marine specialists
* User friendly operations and set-up

Optional accessories included with Deluxe versions:

* Chemical or Biological Filtration Media Basket
* Adjustable height Surface Skimmer
* Outflow Pipe Connector (NOTE: This is an option but NOT included with the Skimmer)

What's in the Box

* Red Sea Prizm Skimmer body
* inlet pipe with air inlet tube and flow control
* impeller
* pump w/ 5.5` power cord
* collection cup
* collection cup lid
* mounting adjustment screw 

The Prizm Deluxe is an "upgraded" version of the regular Prizm and includes all of the unique benefits of the Prizm plus it incorporates two enhanced options.

A surface skimmer attachment is included which is an important incorporation because roughly 70% of accumulated protein and waste material in an aquarium are in the top 1” of the water. The surface skimmer attachment allows for the top surface water to be drawn into the water inlet pipe of the skimmer, so you are constantly removing the maximum amount of waste from the aquarium. This upgrade alone will provide significant increases in protein and waste removal.

The second upgrade is the inclusion of a refillable media basket. This basket can be filled with either biological or chemical media to obtain the desired results. The basket is easily refillable and allows you to change the type of media according to your needs. Placed in the water outflow chamber the basket comes into contact with virtually all of the water as it passes out of the skimmer. The use of the media basket turns your skimmer into a full purpose filter for most marine aquariums.

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