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Red Sea Marine Lab
Master Kit
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Size: Master Kit
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Master test kit for a marine aquarium Correct water conditions are essential for all marine animals. Performing the tests Included in the Marine Lab will assist in establishing and maintaining a successful aquarium. Marine Lab includes tests for: pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate. Includes a 0.85 fl.oz. trial bottle of Success Buff supplement. A stable pH is essential for the well being of all aquarium inhabitants. Alkalinity measures the capacity of seawater to absorb the acidic waste produced by fish, without affecting the pH. Maintaining an alkalinity of 2.2 meq/l will prevent sudden fatal drops in pH. Both pH and alkalinity should be tested regularly. Alkalinity level can be adjusted by using a buffering solution such as Success Buff. Ammonia, which is toxic for fish, is regularly introduced into the aquarium by fish waste. An established functioning Biological Filter, which house living colonies of nitrifying bacteria, will convert the ammonia to nitrite and thereafter to nitrate, which are less harmful. Regular testing for ammonia & nitrite will provide a positive indication that your Biological Filter is functioning is in balance with the stocking level. Invertebrates react distressfully to low levels of nitrate. High nitrate levels will stress marine fish making them susceptible to infection. Excess nitrate is removed by partial water changes with nitrate-free water. Regular testing for nitrate will guide you as to when these essential water changes should be made. For more information on the tests included in the marine lab, please refer to the individual test-lab pages

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