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Rectangular Trigger - Small
Rhinecanthus rectangulus
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-2 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Mild
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Meaty
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: Monitor
Invertebrate Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallon

The distinctive body shape and thick dorsal fins of the Rectangular Trigger can provide your aquarium a unique look. The Rhinecanthus rectangulus has a tan and white color on the front half, with a wide black band that runs through the eye to the anal fin and "V" shaped accents of lime green color towards the tail. The Rectangular Trigger also features a black triangular marking at the tail's base and blue markings over the eyes, which makes it a captivating addition to any home tank. The Rectangular Trigger is more commonly known as Humu Rectangle Triggerfish, Wedge-tailed Trigger, or the V-line Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Its pearly white body outlined in yellow exhibits a simply beautiful pattern. The Rectangular Trigger can grow up to 12 inches maximum in size so it needs an aquarium of 80 gallons. Add finishing touch to the aquarium of Rectangular Triggerfish with plethora of caves and rocks. It will rearrange all settings while wandering in the aquarium. The Rectangular Trigger utilizes a grunting sound for vocalizing. The Rectangular Trigger fish possess a semi aggressive nature so a fish only tank is good for them whose water conditions should be: 72-78ø F- temperature range, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025. Feed the Rectangle Triggerfish regularly for maintaining its health without any deficiencies. The Rectangular Trigger is a carnivorous fish that usually feeds on a rich diet of meaty foods that includes small fishes, clams, squids, hard shelled shrimps and kills.

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