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Pinecone Plant
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As the name suggests Pinecone plant get its name from the fact that they resemble the shape of a geometric cone, which looks splendid in water. The Pinecone plants are peaceful plants and are non-invasive due to which they can be housed with other tank inhabitants. They also do not spoil the water quality like other algae, instead are excellent nutrient controllers and reduce the amount of nitrates and phosphates in water. The Pinecone plants are very hardy plants and cannot be eaten up easily by other fishes. Pinecone plants are reef safe as it does not harm the corals or disturbs any invertebrates present in the home tank. The Pinecone plant grows up to a size of 6 inches and can be housed in a tank of not less 20 gallons. It is best to keep it at a temperature of range of 70-83ø F. We recommend you to provide the Pinecone plant with good lighting such as 2 watts per gallon or more, with 6000-8000 Kelvin bulbs, as it prepares its food by photosynthesis. For better growth additional supplements such as good quality aquarium substrates and carbon dioxide can be provided to the Pinecone plant. Certain species of fishes such as the tang fishes help in keeping them properly pruned to a manageable level. Make sure to add plenty of rocks in the aquarium where it can attach its shoot hairs for deriving nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. It is easy to care and maintain, thus the Pinecone plant is perfect for a beginner aquarist.

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