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Pajama Cardinal - Limit 3
Sphaeramia nematoptera
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-2 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Brine, Mysis, Flake, Pellet
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Acclimation Time: 3+ Hours
Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons

Due to its attractive coloration and pattern, the Pajama Cardinal is also known as polka-dots cardinal fish. It is indigenous to Indo-Pacific region and is mostly found in Western-Pacific Ocean. Pajama Cardinal has two dorsal fins and green and yellow face with a dark band running from the first dorsal fin to pectoral fin. The back half of the body is comprised of silver coloration with red and orange dots, giving the appearance of polka dots. Its fins at the back half of the body are fringed in white. Due to its nocturnal living habit, the Pajama Cardinal has very large eyes. During the day it mainly settles down under rock ledges and at night, they become solitary and hunt for food, and therefore, they are named as damsel of the night. It is a very good choice for any aquarium. The Pajama Cardinal is easy to keep as well as inexpensive and they adapt really well to aquarium life. It swims slowly and doesn?t shy away from other inhabitants. The Pajama Cardinal is not at all aggressive and is friendly in nature; therefore they are very safe to keep in any community tank. They are mouth brooders and hence incubate the fertilized eggs in their mouth. They are suitable to keep with tank mates that include other Cardinalfish, Blennies, Clowns, Damsels, Small Angels, Gobies, Hawkfish and Tangs. Feeding Pajama Cardinal doesn?t involve much trouble as they can easily eat brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, or diced shrimp. It is advisable to provide some food at night too, since the Pajama Cardinal being nocturnal seeks out food at that time.

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