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ORA Pumping Xenia
Xenia sp.
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Tank Stats
Size: 1-2 inches
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Strong Light - Medium Flow
Origin: ORA Aquacultured
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:

Pumping Xenia tends to grow into taller branched colonies than the other varieties ORA produces. Xenia is a genus of soft marine coral with "arms" coming out from the top that end in many-fingered "hands". It is unique among corals because of its ability to use its "hands" to "pulse" or push water away from the colony in a constant, grabbing motion. It propagates well with marginal care and is very suitable for beginning reef aquarium hobbyists.It is easy to see why the Xenia is a favorite of many marine reef keepers. This species propagates easily and is quite interesting and beautiful to watch.The health of a Xenia Soft Coral is normally indicated by the coral's pulsing motion. In a healthy coral, the polyp will rhythmically open and close. Often, upon introduction to a new aquarium, the Xenia Soft Coral will not pulse; however, once it is acclimated, it will set itself in motion. Moderate water flow is necessary for good health of Xenia. Strong lighting is important to Xenia; however, these corals may also do well in moderate lighting. Because most Xenia Corals will not accept foods, direct lighting is particularly important, since photosynthesis is the only source of nutrients for these corals. Xenia is not an aggressive coral. But they should not be placed near other corals. Most Xenia Soft Corals will split into new colonies. By directing water current over your Xenia Soft Coral strategically, you can often encourage it to spread in the direction or area of your tank you desire.

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