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ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish - NEW
Premnas biaculeatus
Price Elsewhere: $0.00
Saltwaterfish: $499.99
Sale Price: $299.99
On All Marine Life
Orders Over $199.99
And $99.99 In Florida
Tank Stats
Size : 1-2 inches
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Moderate
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Pellet, Flake
Origin : Aquacultured
Acclimation Time : 2+ hours
Coral Safe : Yes
Invertebrate Safe : Yes
Minimum Tank Size : 30 gallons

The Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish is ORA's most distinct clownfish to date. Its unique appearance manifests itself similarly to the Platinum Percula. As a juvenile, the Gold Nugget is white and does not exhibit the gold coloration. As the Gold Nugget Maroon matures, its body will change from white to yellow-gold. The Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish will be shipped as juveniles, and take many months to exhibit their gold coloring. The fins of the Gold Nugget are a dark maroon color with bright orange edges. The Gold Nugget's are Maroon Clownfish, and exhibit this in all their traits minus their appearance. Be cautious when choosing pairs, tank mates, and tank size.

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