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ORA Button Polyps
Palythoa sp.
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Tank Stats
Size : 2 inches
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : Non-Aggressive
Reef Safe : Yes
Diet : Two Little Fishies ZoPlan & PhytoPlan, AlgaGen Coral Smoothie
Origin : Aquacultured @ Oceans, Reefs, & Aquariums Inc. Ft. Pierce FL
Acclimation Time : 3+ hours
Coral Safe : Yes
Invertebrate Safe : Yes
Minimum Tank Size : 10 Gallons

These particular palys are either brown with green mouths, or teal with green mouths. Palythoas & Zoanthids, or corallimorphs that belong to the Order Zoantharia (Abyssoanthidae (Abyssoanthus) Epizoanthidae (Epizoanthus) Hydrozoanthidae (Hydrozoanthus and Terrazoanthus) Neozoanthidae (Neozoanthus) Parazoanthidae (Antipathozoanthus, Corallizoanthus, Isozoanthus, Mesozoanthus, Parazoanthus, and Savalia) Sphenopidae (Palythoa, and Sphenopus) Zoanthidae (Acrozoanthus, Isaurus, and Zoanthus)) are quite hardy little corallimorphs. These animals can be found all over the reef--from reef slope to lagoons. These animals require minimal conditions; moderate illumination, and minimal water flow. These polyps are most certainly for all: beginning and seasoned aquarists.

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