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ORA Blue Cespitularia
Cespitularia sp.
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Tank Stats
Size: 2 - 3 inches
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Medium Flow, Marine Snow, Plankton
Origin: Aquacultured By ORA
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

ORA is now offering a very unique variety of Blue Cespitularia which has a turquoise body and peachy polyps. It is rare to find such a bright and beautiful soft coral that is photosynthetic and so easy to care for. Blue Cespitularia, sometimes referred to as “Blue Xenia”, is one of the most sought after soft corals in the industry. The color and movement of this coral is fantastic, and its peaceful nature and hardiness make it an easy addition to any reef tank. Blue Cespitularia adapts to a variety of lighting conditions, but the most intense coloration is under lower light levels when compared to typical SPS requirements. Starting this coral out on the tank bottom and gradually moving it up to the desired location. This coral prefers moderate to high water current and spreads by sending out a foot-like projection which attaches on to a nearby rock or solid surface. These coral frags produced by ORA are well encrusted to the base on which they are grown. They are fully matured as individual coral colonies. Our corals are true hobbyist frags, designed to be grown-out in the home aquarium. They range in size from 2- 4 inches, and are mounted on 1/2" inch diameter plastic plugs. ORA frags are truly aquacultured specimens, 6 or 7 generations removed from the original wild colonies. No tissue or skeleton of wild brood-stock corals remain.ORA has taken the time to collect, identify and culture some of the fastest growing and finest strains of various stony coral genera. They culture the most colorful examples of these genera, and have developed some of the most popular corals ever available. The advanced quality control methods used at ORA ensure only problem-free specimens are sold.ORA corals are grown in their greenhouse culture facilities in Florida and the Marshall Islands. They are under shaded sunlight, complemented by 250 Watt, 10,000K double-ended HQI Metal Halide lights. They are fully ready to be acclimated to aquarium light, water and flow conditions. They are grown in natural seawater so proper acclimation to artificial saltwater is recommended.ORA frags grown on plastic plugs can be mounted in a number of different ways. Many hobbyists just place the plug between pieces of live rock. Another method is to drill a 1/2" diameter hole in the rock and simply place the plug in the hole. This method can be used to mount the coral at different angles. Some aquarists simply snap the coral off the plug and use epoxy to mount it to the rock.

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