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Mushroom Coral - Fuzzy Grass
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Sale Price: $38.99
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Tank Stats
Size: 6+ polyps
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Mildly aggressive if place near other corals
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Strong Light - Medium Flow, Marine Snow
Origin: Indonesia
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size:

The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral is also commonly known as the green fuzzy mushroom or elephant ear mushroom coral. This elephant ear mushroom coral is another mushroom with that ??fuzzy?? look. It is not as dangerous to smaller fishes as other corals, making it a safe addition to your aquarium. The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral features fuzzy tentacles instead of long feeder tentacles found in sea anemones and stony corals. Yet, the Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral has stinging cells that help it to move other corals away, and therefore, we advise you to keep it at a safe distance from other corals. The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral is easy to care for and is hardy in nature, thus making a very good option for beginner aquarists. It cannot handle a high water flow, since it prevents it from getting nourishment. The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral has the ability to change the water flow by warping the surface of the oral disc to direct the particulate and flocculent material towards their mucous center for absorption. It can grow up to 2-3 inches, thus keeping the Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral in a larger tank is recommended. It doesn?t need much light, although it can tolerate more light than some of the other mushrooms. The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral should be kept in shady regions or else it turns brown and fails to thrive. It is a carnivore and feeds on suspended micro particles out of the water column and at times small particles of food. The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral derives its energy from light using the zooxanthellae that dwells inside its tissue, which manufactures food for this coral. It can be easily grown and propagated in a tank. The Fuzzy Grass Mushroom Coral attaches itself to the piece of gravel substrate, therefore lot of rockwork and thick sand bed is required to be added in the tank.

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