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Map Puffer - Large
Arothron mappa
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Tank Stats
Size: 4-5 inches
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Meaty
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: No
Invertebrate Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 90 gallons

The Map Puffer is also commonly referred to as the Scribbled Toadfish and Scribbled Arothron Puffer. With its distinct and vivid appearance, the Map Puffer makes a beautiful addition to any tank. It has a network of black "scribbles" covering the body, forming an intricate pattern. The Map Puffer has the ability to inflate its body to almost twice its size, so that it cannot be swallowed by other fishes. Its part is also poisonous if digested, and its teeth are actually a fused beak-like structure. The Map Puffer needs a large tank with good protein skimmer. It will eat invertebrates found in the reef tank, as well as corals, and even aquarium apparatus, that is why it is not considered reef safe species. Make sure not to use a net, instead use a container to transfer it. The Map Puffer needs a varied diet of meaty foods including squid, krill, clams, and hard shelled shrimp to help wear down their ever growing teeth. The Map Puffer hunts at night, so it may only be seen during the nocturnal hours. It thrives well in a temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and pH of 8.1-8.4.

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