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Long Tentacle Anemone
Macrodactyla doreensis
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Tank Stats
Size: 2-4 inches
Care Level: Easy
Reef Safe:
Diet: Strong Light - Medium Flow
Origin: Indian Ocean
Acclimation Time: Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe:
Invertebrate Safe:
Minimum Tank Size:

The Long Tentacle Anemone is mostly found attached to rocks on the sea floor. They exhibit a symbiotic relationship with Zooxanthellae, which is an alga. The presence of these algae inside the Long Tentacle Anemone?s living tissue provides the nutrition by preparing food through the photosynthesis process. We suggest you to use gloves and/or plastic bag while handling these anemones, as they may harm you (or other corals and anemones) with their sting. Therefore, it is recommended to keep these anemones away from each other. The Long Tentacle Anemone hosts a wide variety of clownfish including Maroon, Gold Maroon, Clarkii, Ocellaris, and Percula Clownfish. Keeping the Long Tentacle Anemone along with a clownfish will help it to get acclimatized faster since the fish will feed it scraps of food. We also suggest you not try moving these anemones once they are anchored to their substrates because their foot can be easily torn, and they can die from torn column or foot. The Long Tentacle Anemone can be fed through using a feeder stick with food that includes large pieces of squid, shrimp, and other meaty foods. These foods can be grabbed immediately by the Long Tentacle Anemone with its sticky tentacles. It comes in a variety of colors which can be best seen in actinic lighting of the aquarium.

Excellent LTA!
Just got my 1st LTA! Put it in my 80G tank and within 5min my peppermint shrimp started trying to pull it's tentacles off! I moved the LTA to my 29 Biocube (with 10min acclimation) and it found a spot and attached thru the sand within 15min right in the front! Awesome! Beautiful anemone and is almost 4" diameter! Love it! Hope my clowns love it too!
Reviewed by:  Rick from Powell, TN on Oct. 15, 2013, 7 p.m.
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