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Kent Marine Tech CB Part A
16 oz
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Size: 16 oz
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Tech-CB Part A, Ionically Balanced Calcium Buffer, 16 oz, Kent Marine.KENT MARINE TECH CB PART A & B is an ionically balanced, complete calcium and alkalinity control regimen for all marine aquariums. When A & B are used together they will raise both the calcium and buffer levels in the system. This product is simple to apply and ideal for hobbyists seeking a low-maintenance solution to managing calcium and alkalinity levelsEach of Tech-CB Part A and Part B is half of an ionically balanced, complete calcium and alkalinity control system for all marine aquariums. When used simultaneously in equal amounts, the system will raise both the calcium and buffer level in the aquarium, and is phosphate, nitrate and gluconate free! Containing over 28,000 ppm of cationic calcium, predominately in the form of calcium carbonate, Tech-CB will produce an ionic residual with the composition of natural seawater! We are finding improved results (i.e. faster growth rates) with this product, over Kalkwasser use alone, with many animals and greatly increased growth of coralline algae.Coral tissue regeneration is being observed by those using Tech-1 and Tech-CB simultaneously!Directions: Add 10 ml per 40 gallons aquarium capacity of part A and the same amount of part B each day, in a high flow area of the aquarium, until target calcium level and alkalinity are reached. Add in the morning to prevent overshoot of pH. (Cap on 16 oz. bottle equals 5 ml, Cap on 64 oz. and gallon equals 10 ml) Never mix part A and part B together, add to tank separately. Some cloudiness may be observed. This should go away rapidly. If calcium level is at target and alkalinity is low, then reduce the amount of part A you are adding by 50% and double the amount of part B until the values are at target. Then proceed as directed. If alkalinity is high, reduce the amount of part B etc.

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