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Grape Caulerpa - Starter Strand - No Limits
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Sale Price: $4.99
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Tank Stats
Size : 3-5 inch strand
Care Level : Easy
Temperament : May encroach
Reef Safe : Yes, monitor growth
Diet : light, nitrates
Origin : Caribbean
Acclimation Time : Temperature Acclimate
Coral Safe : Yes, monitor growth
Invertebrate Safe : Yes
Minimum Tank Size :

Grape Caulerpa is a great addition to any refugium. As with any macroalgae, grape Caulerpa requires nitrates and light. Grape Caulerpa grows very rapidly. It is recommended that, if introduced into an aquarium, there are fish and/or inverts that will eat the Grape Caulerpa, such as rabbitfishes and tangs. The Grape Caulerpa we are offering for sale is a small starter strand 3-5 inches, it grows quickly in the right environment so this size will be sufficient. May attach strand to small piece of rock rubble with a rubber band.

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