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Golden Angelfish (A)
Centropyge aurantia
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Tank Stats
Size: 1.5 inches
Care Level : Moderate
Temperament : Peaceful
Reef Safe : With Caution
Diet : Omnivore
Origin : Indo-Pacific
Acclimation Time : 3+ hours
Minimum Tank Size : 50 Gallons

The Golden Angelfish is a beautiful dwarf angel that needs care and maintenance. Because it is fairly difficult to handle; it is recommended for advanced aquarists only. The Golden Angelfish has brilliant reddish bronze body with vertical stripes on its sides. The Golden Angelfish is very shy fish and does not do well in tanks with aggressive tank mates. The Golden Angelfish grows up to 4 inches and needs a tank not less than 55 gallon along with plenty of live rocks and caves. The Golden Angelfish is omnivores and mainly act as a grazer and likes to feed on algae, tiny crustaceans and sometimes even detritus. The Golden Angelfish should be offered a good quality pellet of balanced frozen food with both meat and algae. The Golden Angelfish might nip over the corals and is considered reef safe but with caution. It is difficult to breed the Golden Angelfish it in captivity. The Golden Angelfish requires a tank with many caves and hiding places, to take refuge when stressed. The Golden Angelfish should not be provided with bright light, since it is captures from deep waters. It is important to keep lighting dim during acclimation and slowly increase the intensity of light over several days to allow time for the fish to adjust.

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