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Flametail Blenny
Enchelyurus flavipes
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Tank Stats
Size: 1 - 1/2 inches +
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Bold
Reef Safe:
Diet: Pellet, Flake, Brine
Origin: Hawaii-Pacific
Acclimation Time: 3+ hours
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

The Flametail Blenny is commonly referred as the Flametail Blenny, Golden Tailed Black Blenny, or Yellowtail Black Blenny. With its pale blue colored body along with a yellow dorsal fin and tail with an anal spot, it makes a stunning and captivating species in any tank. The Flametail Blenny is a small fish that grows up to 4 inches, is considered quite hardy too. Although, it is peaceful and can get along well with other tank inhabitants, it can be aggressive to the similar looking fish or same species fish. We recommend you to keep the Flametail Blenny in a closed aquarium as it might jump out when frightened. It is a herbivore species and should be fed with marine and blue green algae either in fresh, frozen and dried way. The Flametail Blenny swims only a short distance, and rather than swimming it looks as if hopping and that looks lovely. The presence of a few live rocks allows it to perch on as well as hide in and around. The Flametail Blenny is reef safe and a bottom dwelling algae eater. Avoid having more than one blenny in tanks smaller than 50 gallons as it may turn territorial. There is no distinctive feature to differentiate males from females. The Flametail Blenny is an excellent and easy to keep community species that spends most of its time resting on the aquarium rockwork. It should be kept in waters at least 72øF, requires at least a 30-gallon tank and should not be kept in waters warmer than 78øF. It is easy to care that makes it a good choice for a beginner aquarist. Since the Flametail Blenny is peaceful species, it does not harass or harm any other inhabitants and is very safe to keep in a reef tank along with other inhabitants.

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